• Why the Spur?

    The receiver spur was invented to remove a specific firearm characteristic that can classify the firearm as an assault weapon. While there are several characteristics that can classify a firearm as an assault weapon the receiver spur focuses on one key characteristic, as detailed below.

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  • What is The Spur?

    The spur is a Nylon 6/6 injection molded component that can be used to replace a protruding pistol grip on an AR-15 rifle. This durable piece will not absorb solvents or oils commonly found around firearms increasing the durability of the spur. This component is custom molded by S & B Products Inc., a company built with the sportsman in mind. S & B has leveraged the knowledge of a law enforcement officer with over 30 years of experience to create a product that will allow sportsmen with a specific firearm to try to conform to the guidelines set forth by the SAFE Act.

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You've got questions, we've got answers

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions associated with the receiver spur and where it stands with respect to the NYS Safe Act.

Does the receiver spur need to be permanently attached to an AR-15 rifle?

No, the receiver spur is a permanently modified part that cannot be turned into a pistol grip. The NYSAFE Act states that modifications to remove certain features is permissible.

Will the spur fit the AR-10?

Yes, The Spur does fit the AR-10 and functions properly. However, aesthetically there is a small gap at the back of The Spur where it meets the gun.

Will it help with the SAFE Act?

We have not received anything in writing from NYS. We are currently pressing the State for an official written determination. We are confident the AR15 Receiver Spur does not run afoul of the law. Our attorney assures us we have not misrepresented our product or what it accomplishes. The NY Safe Act permits modifications to remove design characteristics that define a rifle as an assault weapon.

Has NYS ruled on the spur yet?

Short answer is NO, nothing in writing from NYS yet. Every "lawful authority" State and Local we have conferred with has assured us the AR-15 Receiver Spur DOES NOT run afoul of the law. We are going to continue to press the State for a written determination. I spent 30 years in law enforcement and I am confident this modification relieves the rifle from the assault weapon definition if the pistol grip is the sole characteristic.

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